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Why To Join a Frequent Flyer Program


If you like to fly, whether it be for business or for fun, do you belong to an airline’s frequent flyer program? If not, you should join now. Why? Because you are missing out on a number of good opportunities. As nice as this is to hear, why should you join an airline’s frequent flyer program?

These programs are free to join. There is no cost when joining an airline’s frequent flyer program. In fact, registration is easy. Most airlines will prompt you to join their program when booking your flight online. It is quick, easy, and convenient; you have nothing to lose.

A large number of airlines have these programs available. Most airlines in the United States have programs for frequent flyers. The rare exception is with budget airlines. They are designed to cheaply get you from point a to point b and that it is. Most of the well-known airlines in the United States have free frequent flyer programs. These include Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines.

When joining a frequent flyer program, you can join as many as you want. For example, if you are known to fly both Northwest Airlines and American Airlines, join both programs. Remember, they are free and easy to join. With that said, review the perks offered by each program. If one is better than the other, focus your attention on that airline.

Speaking of the perks, they are the greatest benefit of joining an airline’s frequent flyer program. The greatest perk of all is the ability to save money on your flights. This is done through frequent flyer miles. Each time you fly, your miles are recorded into your account. These miles later translate into dollars. The more you fly, the more money you save. Although some airlines do have a few rules and restrictions, you can use your accumulated miles to get a discount on your airfare, to get a free flight, or to upgrade to first class.

Honestly, the greatest benefit of joining a frequent flyer program is the free miles you get, which can later be redeemed. There are additional benefits as well. These vary depending on the program in question. For example, Northwest Airlines not only allows you to redeem your frequent flyer miles, but you can gift or transfer them to another person! Additional perks may include access to moneysaving hotel and car rental coupons, free airport parking, access to a VIP lounge, and so forth. Before getting your heart set on these member benefit, read all program benefits, rules, and restrictions first. Focus on the fine print.

When joining a frequent flyer program, some companies give you access to online tools. For example, Delta allows you to make changes to your flight, update your account, print your tickets, and check-in from the comfort of your computer. This is nice, but some airlines also provide these and other similar services free of charge to all passengers. When opting between two different airlines and their frequent flyer programs, choose the program that offers you the most and best rewards.

In conclusion, frequent flyer programs have theirs pros and cons. The worst that happens is you get email updates and mailings delivered to your home. Since these programs are free to join and have special perks for members, give it a try. You can close your account later if want.

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