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Travel tips to European Countries: Sweden


About the county

Beautiful and clean, the peaceful Sweden could be a land of cultural diversity with a combination of Danish and Wild Arctic North influences. One will|can even|may also|may} get the texture of urban living in its stunning and complex cities and at an equivalent time one can feel the tranquility within the rural area. Sweden is jam-packed with charm with scenic medical villages, islands, lakes and forests dotting its landscape.
Most of Sweden’s space is roofed by forests and to not forget thousands of lakes. one amongst the beauties of Sweden is its islands and one cannot go while not seeing these islands. they provide the foremost scenic and exquisite expertise to any guests. {stockholm|Stockholm|capital of Sweden|national capital} is that the capital of Sweden, a town with fourteen islands dotted with nice restaurants, nightclubs, pubs and creative grandeur. where you go the majority speak English. If guests wish to possess a style of food the geographic region is that the place to be. conjointly it’s in style for ancient town urban center. Do no miss a visit to the Ice building that is graven from ice every winter in Lappland. Sweden is AN exciting country with nice roads and state of the art high speed train system.

Population & Languages

Sweden encompasses a population of around nine million and also the official language is Swedish. Lapp is spoken by Lapp individuals within the north. the majority speak English fluently and conjointly several speak German and French.


Voltage – 230 volts, Frequency – 50Hz. customary European 2-pin plugs ar used.

Geographic Location

Sweden could be a Nordic country lying within the Scandinavian Peninsula and is that the fifth largest country in Europe. Its west neighbor is Norway; Finland within the northeast, the southwest border is enclosed by sound and Kattegat straits and also the geographic region is enclosed by Baltic Sea and also the Gulf of Bothnia. Majority of {the ara|the world|the realm} is forest and there are thousands of lakes principally within the Southern a part of Sweden.

Local Customs

Like any alternative country Sweden has its own customs too. it’s customary to not drink till the host makes a toast. Smoking is prohibited in most public areas. it’s conjointly customary to mention Tack fِr maten to the host once having a meal which suggests thanks for the food. Casual dress is appropriate for everyday wear and formal wear for social gatherings. conjointly tipping up to 10 % is customary for service in restaurants and around same % for taxis conjointly.

Places to examine

Stockholm – the largest town and capital of Sweden and is one amongst the foremost stunning cities of the globe. The previous city could be a treat for your eyes ANd a walk around city’s waterways and parks is an expertise to treasure. Most guests like walking around on foot and visit the medieval a part of Gamla Stan. town is largely legitimate by archipelagos that ar remarkably scenic and may be explored by cruises.

Gothenburg – it’s the second biggest town of Sweden. to not be uncomprehensible attraction during this town is Liseberg, a world category pleasure ground. it’s home to in style museums like Ostindiska huset, Konstmuseet and Sjِfartshistoriska museet.
Vadstena – The Renaissance castle Vadstena slot & klosterkyrkan.

Visby – Port of Visby, ruins of Drotten, St Nicolai, St Lars and St Carin, cathedral of St Maria and Gotlands Fornsal historic musem.

Oland – Fort of Graborg, Eketorp deposit and ruins of Borgholm Castle.


By Air – it’s well connected to the remainder of the globe by air. several international airlines serve Sweden excluding its national airlines SAS. the opposite airlines ar Air North American country, Air France, Aeroflot, British Airways, Finn air, Lufthansa, Ryan air etc.

By ocean – The ferries connect Sweden with alternative destinations like New Castle, Copenhagen, and St. Petersburg Campaign etc.

By Rail – Trains connect Ostend, Sweden to London. it’s conjointly connected to Kingdom of Denmark by Eurostar train.

By Road – guests from Great Britain will drive to Sweden through Demark or Federal Republic of Germany

Duty Free things
1. Up to two hundred cigarettes or 250 gram tobacco
2. a hundred cigarillos or fifty cigars
3. one cubic decimetre spirit over twenty second or a pair of cubic decimetre wine or thirty two cubic decimetre brew
4. Perfumes
5. Gifts up to SEK 1700.

Prohibited things
Narcotics, firearms, ammunition, weapons, most meat and farm product, eggs, plants, species, fireworks and alcoholic beverages that contain over sixty per cent alcohol.

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