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Travel tips to European Countries: Roumania


About the county

Lying within the Southeastern Europe Roumania is slowly rising from the shackles of its dark history. fashionable Roumania was fashioned by merging 2 Principalities i.e. European country and Wallachia in 1859 that were dominated by Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years before. Roumania is seagirt by Moldova, Ukraine, the sea, Bulgaria, Serbia, Crna Gora and Magyarorszag. {bucharest|Bucharest|Bucharesti|Bucuresti|capital of Roumania|national capital} is that the capital of Romania. Transylvania and European country represent the northern half the country. Romania’s main attractions embody sea Coast, the range of mountains and Transylvania. The sea Coast is standard for its white sandy beaches and offers an ideal expertise for families. The range of mountains area unit lovely and lined by dense forests which supply athletics opportunities. There area unit several health resorts additionally in Roumania. Transylvania is standard for Romanian Spas that are notable for its several healing powers. native food specialty includes cuisines like ciorba American state perisoare (soup with meatballs), ciorba tanancasca (meat with vegetables), lamb bors, variety meat soup and a spread of fish soups.

Population & Languages

The population of Roumania is around twenty two.5 million and therefore the official language being spoken is Romanian. the opposite standard languages area unit Hungarian and German.


The voltage is 230 V and therefore the frequency is fifty cycles/second. the kinds of plug used area unit spherical pin with attachment and “Schuko” plug and receptacle with aspect grounding contacts.

Geographic Location

It is situated in Southeastern Europe bordering the sea between Balkan nation and Ukraine. it’s seagirt by Magyarorszag and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and Moldova to the northeast and Balkan nation to the south. range of mountains tolerate the middle of Roumania.


The climate of Roumania are often termed as Temperate and it’s four seasons. whereas spring and fall area unit cool and pleasant. Summers area unit terribly short and hot occurring in July and August. The winters are often harsh and cold with snow between Dec and March. the simplest months to go to Roumania area unit might and June and September and Oct.

Local Customs

Handshaking is that the common custom. it’s additionally customary to kiss once being introduced to a lady. largely all traditional European customs apply to Roumania additionally. Dressing is conservative and casual. Smoking is prohibited on public transportation vehicles and theaters. Romanians like smoking themselves and so like if you gift them cigarettes. Tipping is five to ten % in building, hotels and taxis.


Bucharest: Once wont to be referred to as Paris of the East town|the town|town} of capital of Romania could be a city of lights active with cafes, night clubs and restaurants. It additionally has Romanian theater and a large National depository. The historic sites embody the Palace of Parliament, recent Court Church and Athenee Palace edifice.
Brasov: to not be lost places area unit Castles in Transylvania that embody Bran Castle, Rasnov Castle and additionally do miss to ascertain Sighisoara regarding ninety miles from Brasov, the birth place of Vlad tepes.
Romanian Riviera: this is often on the coast of sea that is big traveler attraction. it’s additionally home to many resorts and Romanian spas known for his or her healing powers.


By Air – The national airline of Roumania is Tarom. several standard airlines that fly to capital of Romania embody Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa and Swiss. the largest airfield is capital of Romania Otopeni airfield that is found like ten miles north of town.

By ocean – Constanta is that the major port on the sea. presently no ferries area unit being operated. however there area unit several cruises accessible that stop at varied points of traveler interest like Austrian capital, Bratislava, Budapest, Bazias, Giurgiu, Calafat and capital of Romania.

By Rail – there’s a world service to capital of Romania from Western Europe that runs solely in summer months i.e. from June to September, the name of the train service is Wiener dancer.

Duty Free things
1. Up to two hundred cigarettes or two hundred gram tobacco
2. 200g cocoa and 200g low
3. Perfumes, medicines and souvenirs
4. 2 cameras, One tiny photographic camera, Twenty Four cassettes, One transportable radio, One TV set, One magnetic recorder, One combine of binoculars and One serial printer.
5. Gifts up to €175

Prohibited things
Un-canned product, meat or farm product, Narcotics, firearms, ammunition, weapons, eggs, plants, species, fireworks and alcoholic beverages that contain quite sixty per cent alcohol.

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