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Get Cheap Vacation Airfare in 5 Easy Steps


Are you in the process of planning a good, relaxing vacation? If so, you want to reduce your costs. Right? After all, who wants to pay more for a vacation than they need to? If you are looking to reduce the cost of your vacation airfare, please continue reading on for how you can do so in five easy steps.

1 – Be Flexible

You are at an advantage if you are planning your vacation in advance. You should have the ability to play around with your travel dates and times. If you have yet to put in for your vacation time at work, play around for a little bit with airfare quotes. Did you know that wisely choosing the day and time that you depart for your trip could save you hundreds of dollars? In some cases, it can.

So, when is it the best time to travel? You are likely to find the best deals in the off-season. For example, if you live in the Northeast, you are not the only person who wants to go to Hawaii to escape the cold winter. Thousands of others travelers do too and airlines know this. If you want to save hundreds of dollars on your flight, travel in the off-season. For you, this would be spring and fall. Another simple way to avoid paying extra is to avoid weekend travel and holidays. The best days to fly are on Wednesdays.

2 – Compare the Rates of Airline Companies

Online, there are many ways to book a flight. You can go directly through the airline in question or a third-party travel website. Start with the airline. Perform a standard internet search with the airports you will be departing from and arriving to. Visit these websites and you will find a list of airlines that service the airport. Now, find these websites, also with a standard internet search. Request a free quote. Remember, you can experiment with your travel dates and times to find the best deals.

Make note of the airline that will get you there the fastest and the cheapest.

3 – Compare the Rates of Third-Party Travel Websites

Typically, you get better discounts by booking your flight directly through the airline company. There are however, instances in which third-party travel websites get you the best deal. These websites include Priceline.com and Orbitz.com. Perform a search to see. Compare the rates to those offered by the airline company. Who is it cheaper to make your reservations with?

While on the website of a third-party travel website, also consider vacation packages. If you are in need of a hotel or car rental, play around with the websites features. Well-known websites, like Priceline.com, are known for offering convenient and moneysaving travel packages. With just a few clicks and one payment, you cannot only get cheap airfare, but a cheap hotel and car rental too.

4 – Compare Your Findings

As previously stated, you want to compare the airfare rates of different airlines. You want to find the cheapest company to fly with. Then, you want to compare the rates of online travel websites. Is it cheaper to book your flight through these websites or the airline? Compare your findings and then make your reservations. Most passengers benefit from opting for the cheapest and shortest flights. To increase your chances of getting a good seat, book early.

5 – Monitor Your Flight

Unfortunately, there are some risks involved in booking a flight too early. If an airline notices a flight is still empty in the weeks leading up to departure, they are likely to offer discounted tickets. In most cases, an airline or third-party travel website is under no obligation to refund you the difference, but it won’t hurt to call and ask. So, if you can monitor your flight. If you notice a significant savings, place a phone call. It is a long shot, but it may reduce the cost of your airfare.


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