You Can Travel Easier By Following These Tips.

For novice travelers, some tips regarding how to get started with traveling are welcome. Read on to learn tips to assist you in your decision making, so you can begin to plan for trips properly. Planning ahead will go a long way in improving the quality of your trips, so keep an open mind as […]


Why To Join a Frequent Flyer Program

If you like to fly, whether it be for business or for fun, do you belong to an airline’s frequent flyer program? If not, you should join now. Why? Because you are missing out on a number of good opportunities. As nice as this is to hear, why should you join an airline’s frequent flyer […]


Where You Sit DOES Make a Difference

When you are booking a business trip, there are a lot of important decisions to be made. Obviously, the important issue is your business objectives and that everything you need so the business you will do when you arrive comes off well. So you will spend the majority of your efforts on those preparations or […]


Travel to Foreign Shores

International business travel is rapidly becoming common to work out deals and to organize international partnerships. The economy is becoming more global as the world becomes “flat” due to increased communications and the rise of the economies around the world. No longer are businesses deals assumed to occur only on a national scale. To look […]


Tipping as a Business Strategy

Tipping is an odd practice primarily because it is common and expected in some professions and not at all in others. As adults, we become accustomed to tipping in the normal day in day out activity of our business and private lives. Most adults have a tipping policy and they pretty much follow it without […]


The Wear and Tear of the Road

There is very much a difference between business travel that may last a day or two or even a week compared to the life some business people must go through who travel continuously for weeks or months on end. But it is a necessity of some areas of business that professionals representing that business do […]


The Tale of the Trip

One of the things that makes business travel appealing is the fact that your company covers your expenses with your expense account. Since you are on bona fide business for the sake of your business, being reimbursed for the costs of the trip is routine in the business world. Now we don’t want to abuse […]


The Nightmare of Jet Lag

Business travel is tiring even for relatively short trips. The work of moving through airports, dealing with delays, handing your baggage, finding transportation at your destination city and getting to the meeting are a much greater stress than you ordinarily go through doing business at home. But when you add the problems introduced by jet […]


The Airplane as Your Office

Business travel very often involves long hours in flight to the city where your work will be done. For most business people, this is lost productivity time that can be torture if you cannot get work done in flight. How often have you said to yourself or to a coworker, “That’s all right, I will […]

Take the Family With You

Take the Family With You

Business travel can be rewarding, interesting, profitable and broadening for the business traveler. But there are some downsides to the life on the road especially if you must travel for business often. Besides the occasional airport delay or layover and the ever present issue of how weather affects your business trips, it is always hard […]